Born 1972
Playing Since 1991
Previous Teams Harlequins, Blue Berets
Current Tournament Team Redskins
Forum Username phil-boy


Phil’s first game as a rental player was in 1991. He joined Matt and John in the Harlequins in 1993, making his tournament debut the same year.

Phil took over as team captain after the loss of three players to Storm and kept the team running singlehandedly for the best part of a year, seemingly having his picture in every issue of Paintball Games International in 1995 thanks to his friendship with then-editor and fellow Harlequin, Steve Duffy.

After the team became unable to field a squad, Phil continued to play tournaments, arranging memorable scratch teams like the ‘Gonads’ and playing on the rebuilt Blue Berets with Rob Dalgleish.

The new millennium saw him join the Redskins alongside John and Matt and despite loving the bling of sup air, he has embraced the return to woodland play.

Phil lives in Essex with his wife, son and two step-daughters.