Born 1972
Playing Since 1992
Previous Teams Harlequins, Storm, Typhoon
Current Tournament Team Redskins
Forum Username Gadget


John’s first paintball game was at the now defunct Arena Essex site in 1992. He joined the Harlequins the same year after being introduced by a mutual friend, making his tournament debut at a 6 man event at Dragon’s Lair in 1993.

At the peak of the Harlequin’s success in 1995 he was one of three players poached by pro-team Storm, playing with them until the end of that season. He briefly re-united with Matt to help Typhoon to string of tournament wins in 1996 before taking a complete break from the game.

The new millennium brought an invitation to guest for the Redskins, which soon led to a permanent place on the team roster.

After exclusively playing sup air events for many years, he persuaded Matt, Phil and Andy to head back to the woods for Time Wars in 2009 and resurrected the Harlequins name to keep the scenario squad distinct from the tournament-focused Redskins and their sponsors.

John lives in Essex with his wife and son.