Join the UKPSF

There has been a recent resurgence of interest in the UK Paintball Sports Federation, driven mainly by the Scenario community.

I have to hold my hands up and admit that maintaining my membership hasn’t been a priority and I’ve pretty much taken the organisation for granted over the past few years. I first joined when it was the EPSF, back in Terry Martin’s day, then rejoined 2009ish when it was mandated in order to play in a Sup Air league. I hadn’t bothered to renew until a few days ago, after being reminded of their good work.

The UKPSF and it’s forerunner the EPSF have been around since the early 1990s, acting as a voluntary body to represent the best interests of the sport and liaise with government bodies and local authorities. Their hard work has prevented paintball from being marginalised or legislated against.

This site will be carrying a UKPSF banner from today – if you care about paintball, you should consider joining. Individual membership costs £15 a year and gives you the added bonus of insurance cover when playing an accredited UKPSF event. Full details are available on the UKPSF site.


Battle of Britain tickets booked!

What ho!

Tickets now booked for the Battle of Britain big game at the end of April. Only three of us attending so far, but we’re hoping for a full turn out.

Being closet poshos, we’ll be battering the oiks as part of the upper classes …… although the last recruitment stats made scary reading, with the vast majority of players belonging to the unwashed masses!

Still, more targets for the rest of us.

Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast, tally ho!


Site update

After some helpful feedback on ukscenario, the team website has been moved from a .tk domain to a slightly less dodgy-sounding .org – so welcome to!

We’ve taken the opportunity to tidy the menu structure up a bit and combine some pages. The product reviews have been moved from the front page and now have their own page, as have the blog entries.

Sadly no new content yet, however the first of a series of video product reviews should be completed soon, so look forward to the opportunity of hearing some authentic Thames Estuary English, coming soon!


Finally, a half-finished website for the Harlequins. Come in, look around, excuse the mess. It’s a work in progress (I just need to find one of those little ‘under construction’ gifs that used to pepper Geocities) so expect more content over the next week or so.