Prepare your Dye Rotor for night games

The Rotor is arguably the best and most popular loader on the market today. The single button operation and bright blue LED make it fairly idiot proof – however the LED is a major disadvantage when playing at night, illuminating your face and making you a lovely target for the opposition.

With the buzz about TC2012 building and two nights of non-stop paintball only 4 months away I’ve seen a number of people recommending that the LED be taped up or covered over in some fashion. Thankfully Dye anticipated this situation, so no bodge jobs with gaffer tape are required. Here’s a quick guide on how to disable the LED in 5 minutes with 1 screwdriver. Continue reading

Review – Tippmann X7 Phenom

The X7 Phenom in stock configuration

My first forays into paintball were mainly as cannon fodder on training days for the speedball team. I would borrow a site marker (normally a pump) and a mask and head out to the field to be peppered with balls and end up seriously black and blue from the team’s brand new semi-automatic markers. The lesson: that technology could deliver a significant edge.

Fast forward a few years and things had changed; with me now playing in a regular team with a trusty Automag. The game, however, was evolving. Electronic markers were becoming more popular and Continue reading

Review – BT Static vest

BT Static Vest

Tournament and scenario, same game, different rules and different tools. Take packs for instance. The traditional tourny pack is ideally designed for carrying paintballs around a sup air field. Light & compact with the emphasis on dispensing pots as quickly as possible. Pots which players then discard, to be collected between points or at the end of a match.

Scenario players however don’t have the same luxury. With games lasting hours spread across acres of woodland, scenario players can’t drop empty pots when used, they have to be carefully stored until the next visit to the safe zone. The only pots you’ll find lying around are Continue reading

Blog – Peace through superior firepower

Re-post of a blog entry orginally written for in Feb 2010. This was the first of a short series looking at the tools of our trade, from the early 90s to the present day.

During my first game of paintball, one experience more than any other moulded my outlook on paintball to this day.

As an eager punter back in 1992 I was playing for the first time alongside friends and a large staff contingent from B&Q at Paco’s now long defunct Arena Essex site. Outfitted in Uvex builders goggles and green boiler suit, we were given generic pumps to use. Although the pumps were fitted with space-age bulk loaders rather than stickfeeds they were still running 12 gram CO2 sparklets. There’s nothing quite like Continue reading