GOG eNMEy marker video review

Daft name, but a very nice gun. Had my eNMEy delivered from the US today, so have thrown together a quick video review. I’d normally choose to support UK traders and buy from someone local, but impatience got the better of me this time and I ordered from ansgear.com. Shipping added $60 to the price and took 5 days.

For $129.95 you get a fully pneumatic single trigger semi which is ideal as a rental/starter/loaner gun – and also perfect for more experienced players who fancy going back to their roots and stepping away from the spray-n-pray, high ROF style of play that has become common.

It’s not pretty, it’s not made from exotic materials, but it does work nicely, is simple to maintain (no more failed solenoids or custom seals, just bog standard o-rings) and dirt cheap. It’s a million times better than its competition at the low end (Tippmann 98 and other blow-back semi-autos of that ilk).

I witter along in the video about it being a modern Automag – which is what it reminds me of most, as an elegant, single trigger blow-forward marker (although obviously ‘mags are sear-trippers, something I don’t make clear in the video), despite being predominantly plastic rather than stainless.

Anyway, enough words, on with the video:


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Valken V-Tac Sierra Top

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