DIY Fazmags

The problem with playing magfed paintball is that you need to lug a bunch of magazines around with you. Finding a harness for a standard 140 ball pot is easy, with hundreds of different styles to choose from, however for mags you usually have to try and find a military or airsoft pouch of roughly the right dimensions and make do.



A better solution is to use Fazmags – sprung, hard plastic holders which your mags slot into. They allow mags to be removed with ease, but won’t let them fall out unexpectedly. A brilliant bit of design, but not suitable for all styles of magazine – with the larger Fazmags not gripping DMAGS particuarly well at all.

Military style vests or harnesses with generic M16-size mag pouches will hold 20 round DMAGs fine, but don’t offer the ability to re-insert a used mag like the Fazmags, so you then have to carry a dump pouch to drop your empties into – more stuff hanging off your body to get tangled in the bushes.



Standard M16 pouch with DMAG installed

Having experienced the brilliance of Fazmags with my TiPX setup, I wasn’t looking forward to using a traditional mag pouch and dump pouch setup with my MKP-II and DMAGs. The M16-size pouches on my harness were decent enough, with bungee cord retainers, but once you’d removed a mag the pouches had a tendency to collapse, making reinsertion almost impossible one handed. So I decided to try and create a solution which was part-pouch, part-Fazmag.

To make these ‘Fauxmag’ liners I bought some A4 sheets of 1mm Kydex from Ebay, costing less than a couple of quid each. Kydex is a thermoplastic, i.e. when you heat it you can bend it and when it cools it retains the bend. Lots of scary Americans use it to make knife sheaths and pistol holsters.

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Mayhem Abridge Walk-on


John playing on the Air Assault field at Abridge

After discovering that the Flashpoint Cuba game had been cancelled, it looked like being a very slow start to 2013 for the team. Thankfully the 17th March was not only St.Patrick’s day, but also the 3rd Sunday of the month, which meant that Mayhem Abridge would be running their regular walk-on event.

Abridge holds many fond memories for all of us on the team, as we were regular participants in their tournaments back in the early 1990s, however we hadn’t visited for a good 8 or 9 years and were keen to see how the site had changed.

We were pleased to discover that the Abridge site was even better than we remember. With all the features that made it such a great place before – indoor staging areas, proper indoor toilets, on-site shop, but the playing area has been massively enlarged and the fields offer a great variety of both open and close-quarters play.


Matt backing John up on the Bottom Wood field.

At the March 17th walk-on there were probably 50-60 players, with a real mix of ages and playing experience. Despite some light drizzle it was a great day, well run by the site staff and with a friendly atmosphere.

There was a mixture of game styles including scenarios with respawning, time-limited respawns and standard elimination games, which really made it feel like a woodland tourny, great stuff!

It’s also a cheap day out – pre-booking your place saves a fiver over the normal £55 entry fee and includes a box of paint, so if you’re light on the trigger £50 might see you through the whole day.

A film crew were on site and produced the following video of the event, which other than some floor-pointing barrelcam footage, an ‘interesting’ soundtrack and the fact that my only appearance is a two second look at the back of my head at 02:16, is pretty good! 🙂

We enjoyed it so much that having had to give North v South a miss again this year due to family holidays, we’re heading back to Abridge for the May 19th walk-on!


First event of 2013 booked!

In a rare display of advanced planning, we’ve booked our first event for next year already,  Flashpoint: Cuba.

It’s organised by Wild Geese Events and is scheduled for Sunday 17th March at Holmbush.

We’re really looking forward to this one, as it’s a departure from the big game events we’ve played over the last couple of years. With player numbers capped at 70-80 and a more mission-focused setup, it should offer more dynamic gameplay than events where you have 400+ opponents hurling paint at you.

Sadly not a full turnout for the Harlequins, with just the three of us going, but it should start the year off with a bang!

The events page has also been updated for the new year, see you all out there.

GOG eNMEy marker video review

Daft name, but a very nice gun. Had my eNMEy delivered from the US today, so have thrown together a quick video review. I’d normally choose to support UK traders and buy from someone local, but impatience got the better of me this time and I ordered from Shipping added $60 to the price and took 5 days.

For $129.95 you get a fully pneumatic single trigger semi which is ideal as a rental/starter/loaner gun – and also perfect for more experienced players who fancy going back to their roots and stepping away from the spray-n-pray, high ROF style of play that has become common.

It’s not pretty, it’s not made from exotic materials, but it does work nicely, is simple to maintain (no more failed solenoids or custom seals, just bog standard o-rings) and dirt cheap. It’s a million times better than its competition at the low end (Tippmann 98 and other blow-back semi-autos of that ilk).

I witter along in the video about it being a modern Automag – which is what it reminds me of most, as an elegant, single trigger blow-forward marker (although obviously ‘mags are sear-trippers, something I don’t make clear in the video), despite being predominantly plastic rather than stainless.

Anyway, enough words, on with the video:


Time Wars

We’ve just booked our tickets for Time Wars, with my favourite event of the season just over a month away.

After three years playing for the Good team, we’re embracing our dark side and joining Evil, playing for Hallam Britten’s Ice Warriors.

Nominally a Super 6 event, Time Wars has always retained its own distinct identity, which can only be a good thing. Run by Niall Squire on his Campaign site in Surrey, the event kicks off on Saturday 20th October, with the main scenario game on Sunday 21st.

Sadly our northern monkey is unable to attend, but Phil is dragging along his son for his first taste of paintball. Can’t wait!

The alleged ‘theft’ of the Shoreline Cup concept

This will probably have passed by those who don’t frequent the Shoreline Facebook group, but it’s a topic worth expanding on.

Shortly after the Tippmann Challenge, Tim Barnett from Shoreline posted up a lengthy tale of having his concept for a tactical, mission-based event (the titular Shoreline Cup) ripped off by another company that were supposedly meant to be partnering with Shoreline. Initially no names were mentioned, however the clear implication was that Warfighters (suppliers of the Humvees at TCUK) were the other party, along with a (again unnamed) ‘site team’.

Many group members (me included) expressed their outrage at the betrayal outlined by Tim, however several things subsequently occurred which cast some doubt on the accuracy of Tim’s portrayal. Continue reading

Tippmann Challenge 2012 review

Now revived a bit after a bath, tent dried in back garden and put away and can relax, ahhh.

Mixed feelings about the event to be honest, some aspects were awesome, others could have been better. Fully aware that the venue “wasn’t a proper paintball site”, so I’ve taken that into account with the following – some of this may come over a bit negative, but I’ve tried to be constructive with any criticism.

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TCUK 2012 – tents & what you need

The Tippmann Challenge player’s pack is due for release tomorrow and the preview released on Facebook is full of dire warnings about the weather at Sennybridge. Despite the event being held in July the basic rule of thumb appears to be – prepare for it being cold, wet and windy.

That sounds exactly like the conditions we survived in a tent at the Battle of Britain event a couple of weeks ago, so I’m going to give everyone the benefit of my immense camping knowledge (ahem) which might help you to survive Sennybridge.

I’ve created a kit list, available here in .pdf format.

It’s worth considering what tent to get in some depth as it’s the most essential piece of kit you’ll be taking. There are no sleeping facilities on-site and campervans/caravans are not allowed, neither is sleeping in your car. So it’s a a choice between either commuting to the site from a hotel each day (potentially missing loads of night-time fun) or getting a tent.

When looking to buy a tent, the first thing to consider is Continue reading