The Team

The Harlequins are a scenario paintball team formed by a handful of experienced tournament paintball players who are all old friends from outside the sport.

The team can trace its roots back to the 1980s (see below) and is dedicated to enjoying paintball without taking it remotely seriously.

We don’t have a designated team captain, it’s more of a co-operative group, with all decisions taken jointly. Andy operates as team rep at events, as he’s marginally younger than the rest and less likely to keel over at the captain’s briefing. John handles event booking, Phil does the equipment & paint buying and Matt does the headlocks.

If you’re after a team that trains, has tactics, doesn’t like losing and has a young, fit player roster……you’ve come to the wrong place.

If you enjoy cups of tea, sitting down, buying expensive shiny things and the smell of Ralgex, welcome!




The Harlequins paintball team was formed in the mid 1980s at the Westpoint site in Billericay, Essex, UK and contested the Eastern division of the UK’s first paintball league, the BPL (British Paintball League).

The squad grew rapidly during the early 1990s, with John, Matt and Phil from the current squad joining in 1992/1993. At the cutting edge of technical development, the team quickly embraced semi-auto markers and followed Storm to become the second team in the UK to move entirely from CO2 to HPA.

During the first half of the decade they were regular participants in 5 and 10 man tournaments in the South East, playing at Dragon’s Lair, Westpoint, Sidcup, Eurosplat, APG and Mayhem Abridge. They participated in Division 4 of the Home Counties League, winning the most sporting team award for the 1994 season.

During this period the team benefitted from sponsorship from Renegade Action Equipment (thanks to having the owners of Renegade, Ivan and Tricky, on the team) and Powerball.

In 1994 they made a memorable debut at the annual Arenaball event, a pre-cursor to today’s sup air format, performing poorly but resplendent in yellow/black chequered ‘Harlequin’ playing gear supplied by Renegade. A return to Arenaball in 1995 brought more success, including the scalp of pro-team Storm.

The end of the 1995 season saw the loss of a number of key players to other teams and the relocation of Renegade to the USA to merge with Smart Parts. Two changes of captaincy were unable to arrest a decline in performance and the team withdrew from the tournament scene in 1996.

Team members continued to play with a number of other teams, notably to great success with Typhoon, as well as Iron Wolf, Storm and the reformed Blue Berets. At the start of the new millennium the remaining active players coalesced around another long-running Essex team, the Redskins.

With the focus of the Redskins shifting solely to sup air events (between 2000 and 2011 the team have played the Dartford 7s, UK Masters, NSPL and Formula 5), in 2009 the rapidly growing scenario scene offered the opportunity to return to the woods. The Harlequins were reborn at Time Wars in 2009 and now operate alongside the Redskins tournament squad as a distinct scenario team.