Mayhem Abridge Walk-on


John playing on the Air Assault field at Abridge

After discovering that the Flashpoint Cuba game had been cancelled, it looked like being a very slow start to 2013 for the team. Thankfully the 17th March was not only St.Patrick’s day, but also the 3rd Sunday of the month, which meant that Mayhem Abridge would be running their regular walk-on event.

Abridge holds many fond memories for all of us on the team, as we were regular participants in their tournaments back in the early 1990s, however we hadn’t visited for a good 8 or 9 years and were keen to see how the site had changed.

We were pleased to discover that the Abridge site was even better than we remember. With all the features that made it such a great place before – indoor staging areas, proper indoor toilets, on-site shop, but the playing area has been massively enlarged and the fields offer a great variety of both open and close-quarters play.


Matt backing John up on the Bottom Wood field.

At the March 17th walk-on there were probably 50-60 players, with a real mix of ages and playing experience. Despite some light drizzle it was a great day, well run by the site staff and with a friendly atmosphere.

There was a mixture of game styles including scenarios with respawning, time-limited respawns and standard elimination games, which really made it feel like a woodland tourny, great stuff!

It’s also a cheap day out – pre-booking your place saves a fiver over the normal £55 entry fee and includes a box of paint, so if you’re light on the trigger £50 might see you through the whole day.

A film crew were on site and produced the following video of the event, which other than some floor-pointing barrelcam footage, an ‘interesting’ soundtrack and the fact that my only appearance is a two second look at the back of my head at 02:16, is pretty good! 🙂

We enjoyed it so much that having had to give North v South a miss again this year due to family holidays, we’re heading back to Abridge for the May 19th walk-on!


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