Prepare your Dye Rotor for night games

The Rotor is arguably the best and most popular loader on the market today. The single button operation and bright blue LED make it fairly idiot proof – however the LED is a major disadvantage when playing at night, illuminating your face and making you a lovely target for the opposition.

With the buzz about TC2012 building and two nights of non-stop paintball only 4 months away I’ve seen a number of people recommending that the LED be taped up or covered over in some fashion. Thankfully Dye anticipated this situation, so no bodge jobs with gaffer tape are required. Here’s a quick guide on how to disable the LED in 5 minutes with 1 screwdriver.

Note: although this is a simple procedure, proceed with caution. HQPB.ORG takes no responsibility if you manage to mangle your loader as a result of following these instructions!

You will require: 1) your Rotor, and 2) a Philips #0 screwdriver. I’d recommend getting a decent fit screwdriver, as the screw heads are soft and easily rounded.

One Rotor, check. One #0 Philips driver, check.

First pop off the lid of the Rotor, push forward the floor tray and lift to remove. Then swivel the two red catches and lift out the 4 piece rotor assembly, leaving you with a gutted loader.


Disassembled Rotor

Next, grab the battery pack and attached motor box and rock the front of the motor box upwards then lift to remove.

Rock the front upwards in order to remove

Remove the batteries to expose the battery box retaining screw, indicated below. Remove the screw then rock the rear of the battery box upwards and lift it away from the motor box. There is no need to disconnect the wiring harness.

Remove battery box retaining screw

Remove the two indicated screws on the top of the motor box, then lift that edge upwards and remove the lid, carefully sliding it over the wiring harness until the internals are easily accessible.

Remove motor box screws

Locate the indicated jumper (marked ‘LED’ on the PCB) and using a finger nail, gently slide upwards to remove.

The LED jumper

Replace the jumper onto one of the jumper posts (for safekeeping).

Jumper placed on one post for safekeeping

Re-assemble your loader by reversing the steps above. Before reinstalling the motor and battery box into the shell, ensure that the loose on-off button cover is seated properly in the shell and that the anti-jam trigger is fully forward.

Test to ensure that everything is working – you should no longer have a laser-like LED on the power button!

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    1. You’ve just made the tool-less Dye Rotor require tools! You’ve broken the design of it 😛

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